Branch Business Unit Manager - Newcastle

Employment Type:
Full-Time Permanent  
Region D
Closing Date:

The purpose of this role is to lead a team responsible for the efficient processing of assets to serve and support our customers.  Our sales teams will over promise and it’s your job to over deliver, doing so under your cost budget.  Safety, Employee Engagement, hitting asset management KPI’s and playing your role in increasing margin are the priorities – to nail it you will need to be an exceptional leader of people, be more organised than Ikea and your answer to everything will be “absolutely”.  You will have the tools and information to understand your operation, your job is to make it better because you’re besotted with continuous improvement. You’re the leader and you’ll be judged on 4 metrics – Leadership, Operations, Customer Experience and Budget Management.


The main responsibilities will include:


  •  Drive harmonious accountability by setting clear direction and performance expectations with your team that align to the company strategy
  •  Champion our Values and use our Vision & Purpose as your north star
  •  Be the coach, over communicate, give feedback, build capability, ensure high performance
  •  Create and enhance a place where people want to work
  •  Get great people and keep them, be creative in your acknowledgement and reward of excellence and always have an eye towards succession


  •  Be safe, we have procedures, follow them and make it part of life at Pickles
  •  Our sales force is responsible for acquiring assets to sell, our digital team is responsible for selling them – you and your team are the glue in the middle
  •  Use data, gut feel and inspirational leadership to get assets in and out of your network, fast
  •  Don’t just implement best practice, create it

Customer Experience:

  •  You have 3 customers; you will make them all smile by being a ‘yes person’
  •  Our vendors want their assets to get in our marketplace, reported on perfectly, presented amazingly and up online, fast
  •  Our buyers want to know what they’re buying and then get their hands on what they’ve bought, fast
  •  Our internal stakeholders will not only ask for new things done differently every other day; they’ll likely also want you to make a cup of tea whilst doing a handstand, fast
  •  You won’t just do this, you’ll love it

Budget and P&L:

  •  Be thrifty
  •  Play a key role in increasing margin by doing what you must do as efficiently as possible
  •  In collaboration with others, create your expense budget, then own it, then smash it


The successful candidate will have the following skills and experience:

  • Bring to the role demonstrable experience in running large scale logistical operations with varied teams
  • A lateral thinker that is energised working in and driving change in an environment undergoing complex business transformation
  • Experience across a broad range of industries relevant to Pickles business for betterment of serving your customers
  • Can quickly understand the business context and problems, strategic drivers, ways of working and use excellent communication skills to keep your team informed
  • Strong adaptability which can be applied across a range of ‘in your face’ problems. Can articulate problems and create solutions which lead to new ways of doing things
  • Take a collaborative approach to leadership and able to work with and in chaos.  Can foster an enablement over inspection approach.
  • A natural ability to understand change and benefit through to implementation quickly while bringing others along the journey
  • Highly skilled in working and building collaborative and effective relationships with a diverse range of stakeholders
  • Ability to display depth of knowledge around key drivers of operational success such as hours to inspection, error rates, days to listing and be able to innovate solutions for improvement for your customers
  • Use excellent communication and articulation skills to interpret and explain complex concepts and scenarios to technical people, data people, executives and anyone else interested in making your world a better place
  • High levels of collaboration skills across a varied workforce to enable harmonious accountability to achieve targets
  • Possess strong awareness of Work Health & Safety practices in line with policy and legislation
  • A demonstrated ability to build high performing teams, each with different goals and targets through clear articulation, strong accountability, and a tenacity to be better
  • An understanding of budgeting and management of a P&L


In a world of uncertainty, we are continuing to innovate the way consumers and businesses can sell, auction and purchase a wide range of cars, recreational goods, industrial equipment and machinery and damaged stock. Our mission is to create trusted marketplaces where everybody wins by delivering value through relationships, simplicity and expertise. Our culture is truly unique - there is genuine mateship, loyalty and passion. We proudly employ over 800 employees across 22+ locations in Australia and Malaysia.


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